CCTV Camera

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CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

Unless you are a security expert, you probably do not know what CCTV actually stands for. Well, you are in luck, because we do.

Closed circuit television – better known as CCTV – refers to a system that uses security cameras to feed images to a centralized location or control room. These systems have been around for years, but have recently evolved into an incredibly reliable security platform, with cameras that can follow motion and capture minute details in full color. And that’s not all…

Storage: Security cameras utilize digital video recorders, or DVR, to remotely operate, capture video and save that footage internally.

Networking: CCTV systems can also use IP (Internet Protocol) to send digitally formatted images to specified networks, ranging from a control room monitor to your computer or mobile phone.

CCTV is the surveillance solution of choice for high traffic areas like airports, banks, terminals and malls. These systems allow users to remotely patrol the insides and outsides of buildings, reducing the need for extra manpower and increasing the capabilities of existing personnel.
And if you are wondering, CCTV technology can be used in your home as well!
So if you think it is time to finally give your home or business some added protection, then call Chesapeake Systems Services.

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